Daphnes Legacy

Five Villages started out as an idea to set up a home for the elderly where they could be cherished, but maintain their independence with their own things around them, by a lady called Daphne Davis.

Daphne started looking for a place to set up as sheltered housing in 1972. In 1973 the land was given as a gift by a local landowner Mr Dick Merricks and through Daphne’s hard work and determination, Five Villages came about.

Five Villages House ‘Phase 1’ consisting of 31 flats was officially opened on 18th July 1979 by The Bishop of Lewes. Then in 1987 building started on Phase 2 consisting of another 20 flats which was officially opened in 1989.

Daphne and her husband Bob became the first wardens of Five Villages, when they retired they stayed on in one of the flats.

We have a committee of seven Board Members and the Joint Management Team who hold regular board meetings to help with the running of Five Villages House.